Friday, 13 April 2012

the moral of the story

‘Opening Pandora’s Box’ is a metaphor for our time. It is a story about how one
of two brothers, Epimetheus, is seduced by appearances and his own desires. He
did not have the forethought to look into the true nature of what he saw, or to
understand the implications of his actions beyond himself. The moral of the story
is that once the Earth is opened, she cannot be closed, and what we spoil we spoil
forever. Mining the last remaining wildernesses and the critical ecosystems of our
Earth is irreversible. The other brother, in the story, Prometheus, warns us that
hindsight is too late and hoping for the best is ignorant and impotent. What the
story recommends is foresight: from this come the gifts of a true civilisation and
right relation towards the Earth, our source of life.

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